Haematite: The £3 healing bracelet

Lacey 1

When I first set eyes on this wee bracelet I thought it was sparkly and cute, then when I realised it had healing powers I was intrigued… when I saw it was £3? I was sold! The bracelet is made from round haematite stones and a sparkling hand set crystal bead on a stretchy jeweller’s elastic. With an RRP of £19 down to £3, not only is it a bargain, it could benefit more than your purse…

lacey 2

Made from Haematite, the mineral from of iron, this bracelet is a lot more than beautiful arm candy. It claims to have several healing powers, including helping with blood flow, increasing positivity and even claims to help heal broken bones.

So what is Haematite I hear you ask?

Haematite is known as the blood stone and the name comes from the Greek word for blood, but don’t let the slate-grey colour fool you, apparently if you crack it open, the stones are a deep red colour inside.

What does Haematite do?

After scouring the web, I have found some interesting facts about haematite. The stone is known for its healing properties and there are a long list of health and mental well-being factors attached to it. Here are a few benefits of wearing haematite. There are claims that Haematite:

  • Stimulates iron absorption in the small intestine, which in turn improves oxygen supply to the body, helps with blood flow and regulates blood pressure.
  • Improves confidence, self-esteem and attracts positive energy,
  • Cools down the body temperature. The beads are ice cold at first, then heat up with the body, so ideal for cooling you down.
  • Can help with nerves, aid sleep and help de-stress.
  • It even claims to improve spinal alignment and aid the healing of broken bones.

The Verdict

lacey 3

Does it work? Well it is hard to say, I have been wearing my bracelet for around a month now and I don’t know if it’s all in my head but I have noticed a few differences. I am usually pretty sceptical about “healing properties” but I have noticed that I’m not as stressed out and seem to be all round a bit happier, whether that is because it’s almost summer I don’t know but I would like to believe the stones played a part in it! Whether you believe it or not, for £3 it’s worth a try, right?

“Lacey” Haematite Bracelet, £3 can be bought at any Warren James stores or online herelacey 4

*PLEASE NOTE* This bracelet is to be used simply as a spiritual aid, and not to be used solely for any medical reasons or used in place of medication.


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