How I found the perfect watch with Swatch…


If there is one thing I love more than shopping, it is discovering new places to shop that I hadn’t really before. I had obviously heard of the Swiss watch brand Swatch, however for some reason never shopped there. The main reason being is, i’ve never really been that much into watches and only ever wore my rose gold Marc Jacobs one. However, since visiting a Swatch store I have recently become obsessed! I had no idea they had so many different styles and (after much deliberation!), opted for a silver watch for a change with some bling, named Pure Powder*.

The Stainless Steel strap is adjustable with a diver’s clasp. It is waterproof which is perfect for me as I tend to forget when I’m washing my hands or doing the dishes but this will be fine with splashes. The crystals around the watch face are so sparkly but still subtle enough for everyday use. I have to admit it was so hard choosing, however I was told that most of the watch straps can be changed and customised so it’s easy to mix up your look!

img_6751Since properly discovering Swatch for myself, I have noticed that they really have a watch for everyone. I even got a Swatch for my dad’s Christmas as when I showed him mine and said it was from Swatch he kept saying how he once had one and loved it. I managed to get him a very similar one to what he had and he was delighted with it!

I visited both stores in Glasgow; Buchanan Galleries for mine and the new Buchanan Street store for my Dad’s and the staff were so friendly and helpful in both stores, helping me with my choices and explaining the warranty.

I have been wearing my Swatch for a few months now and I am in love! It is so lightweight I sometimes forget I am even wearing it, yet it’s sturdy. I have had so many compliments on it and once I say it’s from Swatch, I usually get the “ah, I used to have a Swatch…!” comment!

​Overall, I am so happy I discovered Swatch and will definitely be adding to my Swatch collection!

Find Pure Powder*, £87.50 in-store or online, here.



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