Bronzie 3-in-1 Tanning Mitt Review

Fake tan lovers, we have all been there. It’s Fake Tan Thursday and you’re applying your favourite tan, bursting with excitement to be a bronzed goddess for the weekend.

Then it hits you… you’re home alone and you need to somehow do your back. Whether your mums at the supermarket, your boyfriend is out or your friends haven’t arrive yet, you don’t have anyone to tan your back and no matter how much you try to twist and squirm or put your mitt on a clothes hanger, you never get it all covered…

Well this never has to happen again… With the 3-in-1 Back & Body Tanning Mitt* by Bronzie, a luxury tan accessories company. Their “philosophy has always been to create game-changing tanning accessories that deliver clever solutions for salon tanners and home tanners alike”. I can certainly see how this could be a life-changer when it comes to your fake tan routine, so I couldn’t wait to try it for myself…

Bronzie Tanning Mitt, Black mitt inside a plastic clear box. Sitting on a marble background. Gold writing on box.

What Bronzie say: “Bronzie’s Got Your Back 3-in-1 tanning mitt is about to revolutionise your faux tanning regime! This hassle-free mitt is a must-have that will tan your whole back and body in one, halving your tanning time. With two mitt ends and a middle section, you’ll easily access those hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a gorgeously even tan that looks professionally applied.

“Ditch your tanning gloves because inside each mitt is a protective film to keep your hands stain free. Made from luxurious velour for optimum skin comfort and washable so that you can use it time after time. Can be used with your tanning product of choice – mousse, gel, spray or cream. Try Bronzie’s tanning applicator mitt for back and body today… we’ve got your back!”

Bronzie Tanning Mitt, Black velour, folded and sitting on marble background
What I say: As a fake tan lover I was sooo excited to try this. As I opened the packaging and had a look at it, I couldn’t help thinking that it looked like an oven glove! Except it was soooo soft, like velvet and a very chic black colour. Once I figured out from the box how to use it, I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I managed to cover my entire back with no help at all!

I found that arching my back forward help it cover it easily for some reason, to get into all the wee arches of your spine. It was also so soft and the protective plasticy bit inside the glove stops your hands from getting stained which is another great feature.

Bronzie Tanning Mitt, hands holding it against a white wall, black velour mitt

The Verdict

Overall, I cannot believe I have found a product that will allow me to tan my back – BY MYSELF! What a fabulous invention, I am so happy with it. So, one question, now that I have my Bronzie Back Tanning Mitt, does this mean boyfriends are no longer needed…? Heehee!

The Bronzie’s Got Your Back 3-in-1 Tanning Mitt*, £14.99, is available to buy online, here.


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