As someone with long, thick and naturally curly hair, washing my hair is such a chore. Well, it’s more the drying and styling my hair that I hate. It can take well up to an hour to towel dry, roughly dry, blow-dry then straighten, as well as adding product, to my hair. So when I heard about the Aquis Luxe Hair Turban*, a towel that absorbs moisture, leaves hair frizz-free and cuts drying time, I was interested to see how it worked, and if it would do anything to my unruly mane…



What Aquis say: “Avoid friction and water damage. When your hair is wet it is delicate, super stretchy, swollen and in need of some love. This is when the damage occurs that is the root cause of many hair problems such as frizz. It’s important to get it dry fast, but with as little friction as possible. Wrapping in AQUIS (rather than rubbing with regular towels) does just this.

“Free your hands, save time. AQUIS is not just easier on your hair. It’s also easier on you. Your hands and mind are free during hair drying to get on with your life. And because it is super absorbent AQUIS saves you valuable time, cutting your morning hair routines from hours to minutes.”


What I say: The first thing I noticed as I took the hair turban out the packet is how soft it is. It is made from Aquitex, a fabric with “water-wicking” abilities (this means it pulls the water from the hair so it evaporates quicker). Once I washed my hair I squeezed the excess water out then put the turban on straight away. It was really simple to work out how to use it and the “Patented Button Closure” kept it secure and not falling off all the time. It even stayed in place as I took a few selfies…​


The Verdict

Overall, this turban is a fantastic hair-care product to add to my routine. I have used it several times now and I usually leave it on for around 30 minutes after my shower and after I take it off my hair isn’t dry and frizzy like usual. It takes me less time to blow-dry it and once dry it looks soft and shiny, which lasts for days.

The towel comes with a plastic pouch to store it when you take it to the gym/pool/beach and a durable plastic bobble that won’t snag your hair. With a price tag of £30*, it may seem a bit pricey for a hair towel but if you think about how often you will use it and think of it as more of a styling product, the price seems justified.

In my opinion, I love the Aquis turban. The material is super-absorbent and it cut down my drying time, the button is genius at holding it in place and I am no longer stressing about the long, hot and humid Barcelona summer that is approaching…!

The Aquis Luxe Hair Turban*, £30, is available online here.


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