Since moving to Barcelona, there have been a few highlights of living in such a beautiful city. The gorgeous weather, delicious food, oh and… SEPHORA! There are several of the beauty-addict’s dream stores dotted around the city, and although there are rumours circulating one might be opening in the UK, there aren’t any at the moment. So imagine my excitement at being able to pop in whenever!For those who don’t know, Sephora is a beauty retailer founded in France and takes inspiration from beauty trends from around the world. This product, the Konjac Face Purifying Sponge is very popular in Korea. Having heard great things about this little black sponge from other bloggers, I decided to try it out.


What Sephora say:
“A black Konjac sponge of 100% natural origins, made using the roots of the Konjac plant, and also contains bamboo charcoal extract. It effectively cleanses pores and offers a light exfoliation of the skin – without drying it out or making it uncomfortable. The skin is purified and free from impurities; it is smoother, more radiant and matte. Day after day, this sponge helps reduce imperfections and refine the pores.”

The first time I tried it I was hooked. Rock hard when dry, it softens once you wet it. Simply wet it with warm water, squeeze the excess then softly massage the skin in circular motions. Then rinse and let dry! The Konjac sponge is a little half-sphere shape (?) and has a little string on it to hang it up, allowing it to dry fully which I think it simple yet a great addition.

As a gal who loves Micellar Water and has relied on it to make my face clean and make-up free for years, I was skeptical at how much I would like / use this. However… I LOVE IT. According to the packaging, it suits all skin types (yay!) and can be used with OR WITHOUT cleansing product… uh whaat? I tested this theory out and although it definitely removed minimal make up (tinted BB cream, eyebrow powder) I then tested it on full-face of makeup and it didn’t work so great. Once you add a little cleanser, my make up slid right off. I use it every day and it still feels brand new! Although there currently isn’t a store in the UK you can shop online from the US store (see international shipping here) and would definitely recommend trying this wonder product!

The Konjac Face Purifying Sponge, €6.95, can be bought instore or online.


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