As someone who LOVES Christmas, it is definitely my favourite time of the year. As well as Christmas Day, there is something magical for me about Christmas Eve. The excitement of the following day to come, and it also takes me back to when I was wee and lying in bed, unable to sleep trying to listen for Santa’s Sleigh in the sky! Yet even now as a “grown-up” (kind of) I still love it. Every year I have had the same ritual which always involves; new jammies, curling up on the couch with a Bailey’s Hot Chocolate and watching It’s a Wonderful Life.

So when I discovered that LUSH has a Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, I was sooooo excited to try it! Obviously I couldn’t wait until Christmas Eve, so here is what I thought…


The stockings were hung by the bathtub with care, the feet they belonged to soapy and bare.

The bubbles piled high smelt lovely and bright, uplifting ylang ylang put moods just right.

Jasmine was floral and gently alluring, this Christmas was sure to never be boring.

Although it doesn’t have an ‘obvious’ Christmas smell (if you know what I mean?) there is definitely something relaxing and smells almost like baby products? Which is quite fitting as everyone feels like a big child on Christmas Eve!

The bar has a list of ingredients which include Irish Moss Powder which is “conditioning and softening”, Ylang Ylang Oil which has sweet, heady and floral scent as well as Jasmine Absolute which is floral and seductive. It smells amazing and very relaxing!

At first when I put it in my bath… nothing happened. Then remembered it was a bubble bar rather than a bath bomb, but once it broke up and dissolved, it lathered up really well producing lots of soapy bubbles! It turned my bath a beautiful turquoise blue colour, not very festive but I wasn’t too bothered.

Overall, a nice bubble bar. However it would have been nice for there to be a little something to make it more festive? Although it wouldn’t put me off buying it again and I might have to get another for actual Christmas Eve and I’ll be making it a part of my Christmas Eve routine from now on!

Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, £3.95/€5.95, can be bought in-store or online here.


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