Anyone who knows me or follows my blog/Instagram, will know I have a long-running, serious eyebrow issue. The issue being – I HAVE NO BROWS. Well, I do but they ain’t pretty. It all started when I was a bushy-browed 15-year old and I went to the beauticians for an eyebrow wax and she SCALPED me. Like literally 90’s pencil thin brows. AAGH.

So, since then I have been trying everything and anything to cover them up, fill them out etc. My usual every day routine is brush them, pencil them then fill with shadow. It’s a process that I now have down to a fine art, but still takes up a good five minutes of my day and is a nightmare at the gym/in the summer. Oh, and not to mention when I have my off days and no matter how hard I try, I can’t make them even.

So, I had heard about the Tattoo Brow by Maybelline, a brush on eyebrow tint that lasts for days, and at first I thought it was a complete gimmick and wouldn’t work. THEN I TRIED IT… and OH MY GOD. It has actually changed my life. I’m not even being dramatic, and no this isn’t a sponsored post (BUT OMG I WISH IT WAS). Okay, deep breaths, pull yourself together woman! Let me tell you about the product…

“MAYBELLINE Tattoo Brow is a game-changing peel-off gel-tint that leaves brows perfectly defined and evenly filled for up to 3 days. Enriched with Royal Jelly & Aloe Vera, brows are left tinted and conditioned, gradually and evenly fading over time.”


After you have applied your shape let it dry and wait. They give you three waiting times; 20 minutes, two hours or overnight. The first time I tried it, I went straight for the two hours and then the second time I tried it overnight. After your time is up, simply peel off the gel! Start from your inner corner and peel out the way. It tends to come off in one or two pieces, but a few wee bits might stick. These are easily just picked off though. Did anyone ever peel the PVA glue off glue sticks at school? It was a bit like that!

What did I think of it? I LOVE IT. It was such an amazing feeling being able to wake up with full brows. I never leave the house or even go to gym without filling in my brows a little with powder, so this was a big deal for me! The first time I applied it, I left it on for 2 hours and the results were great, however on Day 3 they started to go a little yellow/orangey and had faded. However it was no big deal, I just covered it with powder. The next time I used it I left it on overnight, and to be honest, they lasted a little longer but not much. The shade I tried was Medium Brown, so perhaps I’ll go for the darker shade the next time.


Top to bottom: my natural brows, with the product on, the finished result!

Overall, this is a pretty amazing product. I would 100% recommend it and I am SO glad I tried it! At first I was apprehensive, thinking it would only stain the actual eyebrow hairs, but the fact that it stains the skin around the brows as well is perfect for me! Okay so it may only last a few days, but even if it lasted one day that would be good enough for me, so three days ain’t bad. It means no more worrying about smudging your brows and gives you more time in the morning for coffee – what’s not to love!?

For videos, check out my Instagram Story Highlights in ‘Beauty’! Search for @CocktailsandFairytales on Insta!

Have you tried the Tattoo Brow? Let me know what you thought of it!

Maybelline Tattoo Brow, £12.99 online or instore at Superdrug or Boots, or if you live outside the UK, buy it at LookFantastic.






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