Anyone who knows me or follows my blog/Instagram, will know I have a long-running, serious eyebrow issue. The issue being – I HAVE NO BROWS. Well, I do but they ain’t pretty. It all started when I was a bushy-browed 15-year old and I went to the beauticians for an eyebrow wax and she SCALPED me. Like literally 90’s pencil thin brows. AAGH. Continue reading


NYX Tame & Frame Review


As a massive NYX fan, I was SUPER excited when a NYX stand appeared at my local boots. In the past few weeks I have added to my NYX collection and been working through all their new products. One that I am very impressed with is the NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade.

My brows are the one thing I definitely need to do before leaving the house as they are very thin and sparse – thanks to a dodgy wax job in my teens and they have never been the same… I have tried and tested numerous brow products, and although the Rimmel Brow This Way has been a firm favourite (read my review here) I was looking for a creamier product to use alongside it. Here is what I thought of it…


What NYX say: “Give extra life to your brows with our easy-to-use brow pomade that glides onto skin and hair. Our smudge-proof waterproof formula comes in five shades to coax brows into prime shape. Stand up to humidity in style!”

What I say: Let’s start with the packaging, this sleek frosted-glass effect jar with its black lid looks expensive and the screw lid is very easy to use. The creamy texture is easy to apply and leaves precise lines. I first purchased the Black (05) shade at first but I found it too dark and severe, so I bought it in Espresso (04) and was really happy with it! It was very easy to apply and lasted all day without smudging. The price is another bonus, at £5.50 it’s a total bargain!

I also bought the NYX Pro Brush (18) and it’s great for applying this product. The stiff angled brush is ideal for drawing a straight and tidy brow.


The Verdict

I love this product! I have been using it in the Espresso shade daily since I bought it. I have
been applying this first then filling the brows in with a powder to help it set and give a deeper colour. 5

I have been using the Espresso shade on its own for during the day and at night I start with Espresso and then apply a little of the Black shade over the top to darken them slightly. I would definitely recommend doing this rather than applying a thick layer as it can go a bit clumpy. Overall, I’m really pleased with this product and will continue to purchase it.

Both NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade, £5.50 and NYX Pro brush, £8.50 can be bought either online or at your local Boots store.


Scottish beauty must-haves revealed

With the addition of a new Superdrug store recently opening in the Glasgow Fort, the beauty habits of Scottish women have been revealed. When it comes to pampering and preening, us Scottish lassies love quick cleansing, body fragrance and maintaining our eyebrows, according to Superdrug.

We love making sure our brows are groomed to perfection and have embraced brow threading. Brow threading originated in India and the Far East and can be carried out across any of the 24 Brow Bars across Scottish Superdrug stores.

Over 29,000 brow threading treatments have been carried out in Scotland since the beginning of June, making it the second best selling product in Scotland.

It has also been revealed that we favour a fuss-free beauty regime, with over 145,000 packs of face wipes sold in the last two months – that’s 7 packs a minute!

Another top seller is Impulse, a favourite since 1981, shifted more than 72,000 bottles since June.

Simon Comins, Superdrug Buying Director said: “Our countrywide sales data always makes for interesting reading, and Scotland is no different. Scottish shoppers are clearly fans of speedy beauty, from on-the-spot threading to quick and easy.”

Superdrug’s Top 5 Beauty Products

Superdrug have revealed their top selling products in Scotland, here are my top 5…

fake tan
primernail pads

cleansing wipeseyebrow kit

B. Prepared Make Up Primer, £7.99,

Solait Tinted Bronzing Mousse, £5.99,

Nourishing Nail Polish Remover Pads, £1.39

Cleansing Facial Wipes, £0.99,

B. Groomed Eyebrow Kit, £4.19.

All available from Superdrug.