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DKNY Be Tempted Fragrance Review

Be Tempted 1“Capturing the lights of the city in the night sky and the glow from within, the seduction of the Big Apple draws you in closer than ever. This story of seduction is revisited with a new apple that is redder, shinier, and sexier.”

Be Tempted is the latest fragrance launched by DKNY, inspired by New York City.  As a lover of the brand I was delighted when I was sent the perfume to review, ahead of its release date. Did I love it? Read on to find out…

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REVIEW: Michael Kors The Gold Collection


“There is nothing sexier than a woman with a beautiful glow after an amazing vacation—and nothing complements that glow better than shimmering gold jewelry and a hint of fragrance that feels just as opulent and glamorous.” – Michael Kors

MK 1


With the festive season soon approaching, there is no better time to glam up than Christmas, and The Gold Collection will certainly make you feel a million dollars.

The Gold Collection by Michael Kors* includes three fragrances, White Luminous Gold, 24K Brilliant Gold and Rose Radiant Gold. Each scent was reportedly designed to “reflect the opulence and luxury of the highly prized metal”.

The packaging is also one of the most fabulous I have ever seen, glamorous and sleek, they look gorgeous sitting on my dressing table.

All three fragrances were specifically chosen with the “Michael Kors woman in mind” and offer a scent for any occasion. Now, I am not all that clued up on base notes and top notes so luckily I was sent some information on each scent.



What they say: “Sparkling and sensuous, White Luminous Gold is an intoxicating burst of pear, jasmine and amber in a bright and exotic signature.”

What I say: I loved this as soon as I had a sniff of it, it’s a lot sweeter than the other two and I got hints of vanilla. This one is probably my favourite out of the three.



What they say: “Feminine and seductive, 24K Brilliant Gold shimmers with orange mandarin, voluptuous florals and a rousing spark of woodiness.”

What I say: This one is a lot fruitier, with a light musk at the end. This would be perfect for day or night.



What they say: “Tantalising and hypnotic, Rose Radiant Gold entices with a spotlight on sparkling spice, textured with a charming femininity of rich florals and soft musks.”

What I say: This one was sweet, and definitely the most musky, but not too overpowering. Love the colour of the bottle!

The Verdict

MK 3

Just as expected, Mr Kors has produced a fabulous trio of gorgeous scents. From the packaging to the fragrance itself, the whole package just oozes glamour. Whether it’s for yourself or a gift, The Gold Collection is perfect for Christmas. Which one will you choose…?

White Luminous Gold, 24K Brilliant Gold and Rose Radiant Gold: 30 ml RRP £39 / 50 ml RRP £58 / 100 ml RRP £79.

5 Top Tips for Choosing Perfume  

You know what it’s like, you go out with the great intention of nipping in and choosing a perfume and before you know it the shops are closing. By the end of the day you have sniffed so many they all end up smelling the same and you feel a bit woozy. Now is an ideal time to choose a new fragrance as we head into autumn. But, before you hit the shops, here are my top tips on picking a perfume…

photo (40)

  1. Don’t spray a scent, smell it and buy it. Most base notes need up to 30 minutes to settle before they are noticed. Spray it on a card, leave the shop and go back if you like it.
  1. Have a coffee break while you are in between stores. Coffee beans act the same way as a sorbet does in between meals, it cleanses the palate. Ask your barista for a few beans to sniff, if you get strange looks, explain why!photo (13)
  1. Spray it on your skin to see what it will really smell like. Different skin types will have an effect on the overall scent, if you have dry skin, the fragrance will disappear quicker. This is why…
  1. …you should invest in the body lotion to match, (PS… or if you’re on a budget, apply Vaseline where you spray perfume). Beauty insiders have a secret technique known as ‘layering’ the perfume, making it last longer.
  1. However, don’t spray it on your skin until you know you like it. Spritzing ten different perfumes on your wrist and you’re bound to get them mixed up! Spray on cards until you find one you love, and then try it on your wrist.

Perfume testing with DKNY

It was a dreary Monday morning and I was convinced nothing was going to cheer me up. Then I met up with Natalie Silverman from Aramis Fragrances in the swanky Blythswood Hotel to chat all things perfume. The scents lifted my spirits as we spritzed and sniffed the latest beautiful fragrances to launch from the New York beauty brand.

DKNY MYNYFirstly, Natalie showed me the latest fragrance, DKNY MYNY fronted by the fabulous Rita Ora. As soon as Natalie pulls it out the box I am intrigued by the packaging. The silver cap is shaped like a New York skyline and the clear heart-shaped bottle shows the peachy pink colour of the perfume, which is sweet and fruity with hints of musk. The top notes include raspberries and pink pepper, heart notes of Egyptian jasmine and freesia, finished with patchouli, vanilla and musk; this is a perfect scent for an everyday perfume. One application has been lasting me throughout the day as it’s quite a ‘punchy’ perfume.

The DKNY MYNY campaign is fronted by super star Rita Ora, which is fitting, as Natalie explained, as the star was signed in America. She also projects that edgy, modern vibe that suits the city down to a tee.

We then moved on to the DKNY Be Delicious Sparkling Apple Limited Edition Collection. Inspired by the “glitz and glamour” of festive parties, it makes a perfect choice for the upcoming holiday season. Based on the original Be Delicious, the apple shaped bottles each with a glittery lid, which looks gorgeous on the dressing table.

DKNY Sparkling Apple

Be Delicious Sparkling Apple features the classic green apple top notes, also with watermelon. With rose drops, violet leaves and sandalwood, this fragrance will suit those who love the original but want something a bit more ‘wow’ for party season.

Then we had a sniff at the Golden Delicious, described as a “playful, yet sensual” scent. With golden delicious apple and plum at the heart of the fragrance it is a more grown up version of the Be Delicious family. The sparkling grapefruit and juicy cassis combined with fiery ginger root makes this a slightly spicy, musky scent, perfect for date night.

Now for my favourite bottle… the pink one! I fell in love with the bottle as soon as I set eyes on it, pink and sparkly, I was like a magpie. An ideal fragrance for cocktails with the girls, Be Delicious Fresh Blossom has top notes crisp apple, tangerine and pear followed by warm, sensual ambrette seeds.

DKNY Women Sparkling Fall

The final perfume we tantalized our noses with was DKNY Women Sparkling Fall Edition. In its tall skyscraper bottle, this limited edition version of the classic aims to “bring out a woman’s glamorous side – making her feel sexy and confident for a night out in the city”. Grapefruit, blackcurrant and plum notes topped off with rose and pink pepper, make this an indulgent fragrance yet seductive. A perfect accessory to that LBD, I can’t wait to wear it hitting the town on Saturday night.


DKNY MYNY* £68/ 100mls, £49/50ml, £37/30ml is available exclusively at Debenhams.

DKNY Be Delicious Sparkling Apple Limited Edition Collection*, £37/50ml is available exclusively at The Fragrance Shop.

DKNY Women Sparkling Fall Edition*, £41/ 100mls is available exclusively at Superdrug.




Baylis & Harding Home Fragrance Review


Scent your home this summer…

When I heard that Baylis & Harding had brought out a new home fragrance range, I was very excited. As a fan of the body lotion and hand soaps, I was very excited when a candle and room diffuser arrived and I couldn’t wait to try them out.


Both scented with the restful fragrance of Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit, the smell hit me as soon as I opened the candle. It smelled good enough to eat. There was nothing better, after a long day at the office, coming home and being welcomed with the subtle yet fruity fragrance. With a zesty spice, it is perfect for summer, because unlike a festive spiced apple, the blend of jasmine and sweet mandarin, grapefruit and lemon makes for a light summery scent.


Stylish and oozing luxury, the range is perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere. With a minimum burning time of 30 hours, I have been burning the candle for a few hours at a time to make it last. Rotating the sticks in the diffuser every so often will ensure the fragrance can be released.

The Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit Diffuser, £15, and the Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit Single Wick Candle, £8, are available from stores nationwide.

La Bella of the Ball…


When I found out that Samantha Faiers was visiting Glasgow to launch her new fragrance, “La Bella” at The Fragrance Shop in Buchanan Galleries, I couldn’t contain my excitement. As a big TOWIE fan, and Samantha fan in general, I was delighted to have a chat with Sam about her fragrance.


Sam was bubbly and friendly like she appears on screen, as I asked her about her perfume, what her inspiration was when creating the fragrance, and she explained to me she was very ‘hands-on’ and created a scent she loved. Samantha said: “In terms of scent I didn’t look at anything else for inspiration, I love caramel and vanilla scents.” The perfume has vanilla top notes with caramel in the base notes. When it came to the packaging Sam looked to her favourite bottles for ideas, “For the bottle I took inspiration from my favorite perfumes like Chanel, Jo Malone, and Elie Saab. For example, with the label on the front, but then I put my own stamp on it.”

When it came to choosing the name, Samantha took her time and wanted it to be personal to her. She said: “I took a day or two to think about it because I wanted to put my story behind it. La Bella means ‘the beautiful’ in Spanish. I used to live over there, and my grandparents still live there, it’s kind of like a home from home for me.”

la bellaThe Only Way is Essex star shared her top tips for making her fragrance last throughout the day, “When I’m putting perfume on I spray it at the back of my neck and behind my ears. Some people spray it over their clothes but personally I think it can make it smell quite stale, so I just spray it on my wrists and behind my ears.” The TV star said she has been to Glasgow before, however she is never here long enough as she would like to. She said: “This isn’t my first time, I have been to Glasgow before. Unfortunately it’s only been short trips, but when I’ve been driving around the city I love the buildings and I love the culture.”

Ms Faiers has been overwhelmed with the success of the perfume and thanks her fans for that. She exclaimed: “Thank you so much for supporting me! I just found out last week that La Bella is now the number one celebrity fragrance at The Fragrance Shop! So I would just like to say thank you so much, it means a lot!”

La Bella By Samantha is £25.00, 100mls and is available at The Fragrance Shop.