IMG_3158With the winter weather hopefully behind us I thought it would be the perfect time to write a post compiling all my favourite lip care products. I often suffer from dry lips, which is a) uncomfortable at times and b) a NIGHTMARE when wearing a matte lip…eek!

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Nutribullet: The Big Review!

Nutribullet: Makes juices, but not as we know them

When I first saw the Nutribullet* advertised on one of the shopping channels, I didn’t see what all the hype was about. It’s a blender, big deal, I thought. Then, as I watched the demonstrations and how it actually works, I was blown away. I sat for over an hour, mesmerised. You see, it’s not a blender, or a juicer, or a food processor. It’s known as a Superfood Nutrition Extractor.

Nutribullet fruit veg square

A juicer extracts the juice and leaves the fibre, fibre that we need for nutritional values. A blender liquidises, but leaves chunks and seeds behind. The Nutribullet completely breaks down ingredients in to their most nutritious state, making it easier to absorb. Seeds and nuts are pulverised, and skins of fruit and vegetables are broken down to unlock all the goodness within.

Sounds too good to be true, right? I thought so, and at the RRP price of £99.99, I was a bit apprehensive in case it wasn’t as good as it it cracked up to be. However, I soon found out I had nothing to worry about. Pulling all the bits and pieces out the box, I couldn’t wait to try it out and I wasn’t disappointed.

The guidelines say to add 50% leafy greens, I.e. Spinach, kale and 50% fruit. They also recommend you add a ‘boost’ which come in the form of nuts and seeds. You then add water to the line, and you are ready to blast! I started off with spinach, apple and grapes. I also added sunflower, sesame and flax seeds. It’s really simple to use, just load it up add water and then screw on the lid. The lid has the Extracting blades fitted into it, and because they are intended to blast the ingredients rather than chop, they are blunter than usual blades which means they are safer to use and don’t need sharpened.

Nutribullet single HR

After screwing on the lid, click it into place, twist and it starts. There are no buttons or switches. Once you are happy with the consistency, unscrew the lid and pour into a glass. Yum! To clean, just add some hot soapy water and blast it. Give it a rinse and you’re done! So much easier than juicers which have numerous parts and built in sieves that need scrubbed.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it. However, its talents don’t just stop at juices. There is also another blade for milling. The milling blade is used to turn dry ingredients into powders. This can be used to mill oats, nuts and seeds.

Other recipes I have made are brownie bites, pancake mix and frozen cocktails (which are amazing!). I am also going to try to make natural ‘ice cream’ using frozen banana – stay tuned to see how that turns out!

So now we know how it works, what does it do for our bodies? The Nutribullet is designed in such a way to blast the seeds and skin of fruit to release nutrients that we wouldn’t normally be able to absorb just from eating them. When our body fails to absorb these nutrients, we become weaker and more vulnerable to sickness and disease. Absorbing these nutrients will also have an effect on how we look and feel. You will notice you are more energetic, less bloated and depending on your diet and the level of exercise you are doing, drinks can aid weight loss.

Nutribullet NEW GreenjuiceIMG_1295

Overall, I personally believe the Nutribullet is a fantastic piece of equipment I use it almost every day, whether it’s a healthy green juice in the morning, an iced coffee after work or a frozen daiquiri before a night out. It’s also super easy to clean which is a big bonus. It’s a staple item in my kitchen and thoroughly recommend it to anyone contemplating buying one!

The Nutribullet*, £99.99 is available from stores nationwide or online.

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Review

I have a confession to make. I hate flossing my teeth. I hate the feel of it, the sound of it and my biggest fear is it getting stuck between my teeth. Ridiculous, I know. So when I first heard about the Philips Sonicare AirFloss*, I was intrigued.






The Airfloss is a tooth-cleaning device that claims to “cleans between your teeth where brushing cannot”. So does it do what it says on the tin? I put it to the test. It works by filling it with water or mouthwash and placing it between your teeth at the gum, then pressing the button where the liquid shoots out. It looks a bit like a standard electrical toothbrush, except for the thin spout at the top.

AirFloss 1
It comes with a charger, and it includes a quick start guide as well as a more intensive set of instructions. The battery life is great also, as one session of charging should last 14 uses (two weeks when used daily). One thing I should mention is that it is a European plug, so you’ll need an adapter. You can pick these up fairly cheap at Pound Shops.

After charging it for 24 hours I was good to go. The water shoots out much stronger than I was expecting, it’s not at all painful though. It may take a few tries to get used to it, they first time I was spraying water and dribbling everywhere – not a hot look. However, once you get the hang of it it’s really simple to use. They key is to close your lips to hold it in place, not like the models on the box who have a wide grin as they use it. The button can also be pressed down to release steady bursts which makes it easier.

So, does it actually work? It is hard to tell, as it is designed to remove plaque, which is invisible. However, after a few weeks using it, my teeth look slightly pointier at the gum line – which is caused by gum inflammation. I have still been using dental floss occasionally, but in conjunction with the AirFloss, I am using less. Overall, I am really pleased with this product and as a floss-hater I can now floss my teeth with a smile on my face – with my lips closed!







AIRFLOSS11photophoto (2)




Philips Sonicare AirFloss, £100 is available at