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Lush – Returning Favourites

The lovely people at Lush have brought back some of their most popular products from their discontinued Retro range made freshly in their new online ‘Kitchen’. Here is my review of three of their returning favourites…


Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar* – Top Product, £5.75Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar

Shaped like a strawberry and smelling divine, I couldn’t wait to try this out. It smells like strawberry milkshake and because it is made with fresh strawberries, you don’t that horrible artificial ‘fake-fruit’ smell. It is made with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, Shea butter and olive oil which leaves skin super soft! It doesn’t immediately sink in which is great, so you don’t need to keep applying it whilst massaging, but you will need to wash it off afterwards. It warms up quickly and by the looks of it, will last a long time.


Sakura Bath Bomb*, £3.25

Lush review sakura

This cosmic looking bath bomb looked amazing, with what seems like little neon rocks on the top and flecks of fluorescent specks throughout it. It smells even better, with a strong citrus smell, mixed with floral jasmine. When dropped in the bath it fizzed away and produced nice foam.




Ice Blue Soap

Ice Blue Soap*, £3.10


The smell of the bright blue bar of soap hit me as soon as I opened the bag. The vapour of menthol immediately awoke my senses and I couldn’t wait to try it. The peppermint was invigorating and the fine sea salt left my skin nice and soft.

Products are available online at and in stores nationwide.