As a makeup fanatic, KIKO has been one of my favourite stores since I first discovered it in Barcelona many years ago. I have many memories of wanting to buy everything, trying to work out how much space I had in my case for baskets full of products! Now they have stores all over the UK and we don’t have to travel far for our KIKO fix! The brand is known for its high quality products at affordable prices.

I always love their products, it’s the place I go if i’m wanting to try a new trend or if i’m not sure if something suits me – as it won’t break the bank – and always stock up on £2 nail varnishes when i’m there! However, I had never really tried any of their skincare products, except a cleansing mousse once. So when I came across the SMART skincare range, I was keen to try it out! Seeing as I was looking for a day moisturiser, I decided to try the Smart HydraShot Cream.

What KIKO say: “Moisturising, instantly refreshing cream: moisturises and smoothes out the skin, creating the perfect base for makeup. The formula uses exclusive memory technology that freshens up the skin. It’s special as it: instantly gives a feeling of freshness, is a 2 in 1 day and night cream, contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, is non-comedogenic and is ophthalmologically tested.”

First up, the packaging. I am obsessed with the bright, summery colours and the easy to use tub. Simply twist and lift the lid. The plastic is nice and sturdy, making it ideal for travelling as you don’t have to worry about it smashing in your case!

The Smart HydraShot Cream has a light, gel like consistently and is cushiony when you press it. This is because it is a ‘water cream’ and is mainly made of water (the first in the list of ingredients is water). The hyaluronic acid in it means it holds moisture and locks it in, as hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 its weight in water. Pretty amazing, eh? I also love that its “non-comedogenic” – which basically means it doesn’t block the pores of the skin, thus causing blackheads.


It soaks into the skin straight away and doesn’t leave a greasy film. It does however leave a slight ‘tack’ to the skin, like a primer, making it perfect for wearing under makeup. Foundation just glides over it and lasts ages. As it’s almost like a gel, it feels quite cool to the skin, I think it would be great to leave in the fridge if you have puffy skin.

Overall, this is a great moisturiser and I think it will be perfect for summer. There is nothing worse than applying a thick, greasy moisturiser for it to slide off. This won’t happen with this as it’s light and soaks in straight away. Also, it smells gorgeous – a delicate, ‘clean’ scent. I will definitely be slapping this on this summer!

Buy the SMART HydraShot Cream, £14.90/ €14.95, either online or in stores.


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