As someone who LOVES Christmas, it is definitely my favourite time of the year. As well as Christmas Day, there is something magical for me about Christmas Eve. The excitement of the following day to come, and it also takes me back to when I was wee and lying in bed, unable to sleep trying to listen for Santa’s Sleigh in the sky! Continue reading




Now that we are entering winter, the signs of dry, dull skin are starting to appear. From the heating being on full blast to the change in climate, our poor skin really suffers during this time of year. So, in a bid to keep my face hydrated, I have been on the lookout for moisturisers to test. Continue reading


Since moving to Barcelona, there have been a few highlights of living in such a beautiful city. The gorgeous weather, delicious food, oh and… SEPHORA! There are several of the beauty-addict’s dream stores dotted around the city, and although there are rumours circulating one might be opening in the UK, there aren’t any at the moment. So imagine my excitement at being able to pop in whenever! Continue reading

MAD BEAUTY: Why I’m obsessed with this beauty brand

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As someone who loves Disney, cocktails, and pampering, I was extremely excited to discover beauty brand MAD BEAUTY. The company specialises in fun and quirky products that are perfect for both a gift or for yourself. Their aim is to ‘make cosmetics fun’ and after trying their products* they certainly do that. Here are a few of my top picks from MAD BEAUTY… Continue reading

Aquis Luxe Hair Turban Review


As someone with long, thick and naturally curly hair, washing my hair is such a chore. Well, it’s more the drying and styling my hair that I hate. It can take well up to an hour to towel dry, roughly dry, blow-dry then straighten, as well as adding product, to my hair. So when I heard about the Aquis Luxe Hair Turban*, a towel that absorbs moisture, leaves hair frizz-free and cuts drying time, I was interested to see how it worked, and if it would do anything to my unruly mane…


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