Korean skincare products have been on the market for a while now, and Caolion is a brand i’m a huge fan of. I’ve tried a few of their products in the past, one being the Sparkling Blackhead Soap, which I love. I am always having a nosy in Sephora at Caolion products and when I saw this I had to try it. Whenever I see a product that claims to reduce pores I am all over it! I decided to try the mini version to see how I found it.

What CAOLION say:
A detoxifying duo featuring a steaming mask that opens and deeply cleanses pores, then a cooling mask to tighten and minimize the appearance of pores. The hot Premium Blackhead Steam Pore Pack cleans pore impurities and blackheads, and exfoliates dead skin cells with grain powder and steaming effects—resulting in firmer-looking skin. It contains charcoal powder to extract excess sebum and residual makeup that clog pores and 100 percent natural sparkling water to deeply penetrate into skin for enriched moisture. The cool Premium Pore Original Pack tightens up enlarged pores, calming and revitalizing the skin. It’s enriched with 100 percent Alaskan glacial water to keep skin moist even after the removal of mask while menthol enables a cooling effect to soothe troubled skin effectively.”

IMG_3618There are two steps to this mask, step one which is hot for pore cleaning and step two, cool for pore tightening. Step one is the Pore Purifying Steaming Pack. This claims to “clarify pores and refine complexion”. The purpose of this mask is to deep cleanse pores and exfoliate, thus helping to remove impurities. Once applied, you massage it gently in and it almost starts melting and starts to heat up. Then leave it for 5-10 minutes. It starts to tingle a little but nothing uncomfortable. Then wash off and on to step 2!

The mask in step two is the Pore Original Pack. This is used to “tighten pores, soothing and cooling effect”. This has more of a thick clay consistency and is a little harder to spread. This mask is supposed to “tighten enlarged pores and refine complexion with a cooling effect”.


The two masks definitely worked well together and I loved the concept. As dubious as I am of trying products to do with shrinking pores, I still always hope for miracles and that I am left with smooth pore-free skin! This product did not perform any miracles however, it did leave my skin feeling so soft and my pores did seem to appear smaller.

I am really happy with product, but would I buy it again? Maybe. It costs £24 for the full size (20g, 30g), and I think it was around €12 for the mini size (10g, 15g), which isn’t too bad as you can use it on target areas rather than full face, which I did, so the full-size would last a while and just guessing but I would say you would maybe get 3 uses out of the mini. Overall, a good product but not something I could be bothered to use regularly, maybe once a week.

Have you tried any products from Caolion? Do you have any suggestions for pore-reducing products? Please let me know below!

Buy the Caolion Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo online at Cult Beauty here, or online at Sephora here or in stores. It’s also available on here on Amazon.





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