Before I moved to Barcelona, I would come here regularly on holiday, usually around twice a year. I would be eagerly awaiting my visits here, not only for the scorching sun and the delicious food… but to visit KIKO.

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Since moving to Barcelona, there have been a few highlights of living in such a beautiful city. The gorgeous weather, delicious food, oh and… SEPHORA! There are several of the beauty-addict’s dream stores dotted around the city, and although there are rumours circulating one might be opening in the UK, there aren’t any at the moment. So imagine my excitement at being able to pop in whenever! Continue reading

Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner Review

img_0179If there’s one thing that annoys me when it comes to applying make-up, it’s all the brushes required when using eyeshadow. A smokey eye requires at least 3 different shadows which means using three brushes. However, this was all before I discovered the Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner* by Beauty Essentials. It has genuinely revolutionised my make-up routine. Intrigued? Read on to find out more…
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img_1037This year marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of Korres first ever product and they are celebrating with the launch of the Wild Rose Advanced Brightening and Nourishing Face Oil *.

Face oils seem to be a fairly new addition to the daily cleansing routine. Over the past year more and more are on the shelves and becoming very popular. So when I found out that Korres (one of my favourite brands ever, read some of my previous reviews here and here) were launching a face oil, I couldn’t wait to try it…

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